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dark leopards

Eddie Cattell (origin London UK)Please note that several people have Matt Bosher Women Jersey written to me and have claimed to see large black cats in Virginia. Your statement is more unusual, as Matt Bryant Authentic Jersey you saw it in daylight. People who see big cats at night maty consider them to be black as human night vision is not very good at determining colours, so many dark objects appear to be black. This is not the case with your sightings and I suggest you report them to some of the people listed below, especially if you have photographic evidence.Many people call these cats 'black panthers', but there are problems with the word being used for dark leopards (native to Africa and Asia), dark jaguars (living in southern North America, as well as Central and South America) and dark pumas. Other explanations include house cats, fishers, dogs, otters, 'captive' big cats, which have escaped or which the owners have released, and big cats, which have been thought to have been extinct for thousands of years. Officials of the Division of Natural Resources for West Matt Bosher Kids Jersey Virginia are sceptical of pumas in their states and usually write off such incidents as being wild dogs or coyotes. Black panther sightings can be attributed to: poor lighting, observer unfamiliarity with big cat types and optical illusions caused by perspective so that black feral or domestic cats are believed to large cats seen from far off rather than small cats seen at a much closer distance. Another possible identity is the Fisher, found in north eastern USA and Canada; it is a mustelid but its shape and face could lead to misidentification. Sightings in the southern USA might be due to jaguarundis spreading from central America or from Florida and Texas where it is an introduced species. There is also an article by Chad Ament called Black Panthers in North America', including 26 sightings from West Virginia and six nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Jake-Matthews-Jersey.html from Virginia. Chad Ament looks at various explanations. These include cases where supposed eastern puma carcasses turned out to be dogs, while some puma sightings were of house cats. Some of the cats' may really be fishers. Some people have placed black dyed on the skins of eastern pumas. He also states that pumas vary greatly in colour, although black pumas have only been positively identified in Central and South America. Chad Ament also considers whether pet big cats have been released, because the owners are unable to look after them. Leopards are very adaptable and can survive in various habitats. And can live near human habitation without being recognised. Black leopards tend to be more highly strung and antagonistic nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-William-Moore-Jersey.html than tawny leopards. Chad Ament doesn't give much credence to the idea of extinct' big cats surviving in North America or to the idea that the sexes differ in colour, with female American lions being black. I would advise you Matt Bryant Red Jersey to reach the article. Chad Ament has done a lot of research (look at the bibliography) and has seriously considered his source material.I think that there are big cat like animals in Virginia, but that their identity is in doubt. The puma is the most likely answer, although there is the possibility of captive big cats having been released or escaping into the wild.
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